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October 16, 2009

The Beginning

Filed under: Business — Nikunj Sanghvi @ 8:19 pm

So what gets you started in business?

Since 1987, when I arrived in the US, I have always worked for someone. The inertia of getting a regular paycheck keeps you from giving much thought to any other means of earning a livelihood. You become so used to your work days, holidays, vacations, travel, airports, hotels, rental cars and the not so healthy food.

You also get used to the politically correct lip service given by your colleagues, team leads and managers. You get used to the boiler-plate reviews with their standard excuses for not rewarding your sincere efforts. And then, when you get all cushy and comfortable with your life, it happens. Out of the blue your manager calls and tells you that you have been laid off. IBM was good at coating the whole thing in Wall Street pleasing lingo. AIC was frank enough to say, “no IBM contract for us, no job for you”.

Over a year later, I have no regrets. I have started my own business and am confident that I will make a decent living. I do not miss anything from the past 22 years of employment.


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